Frequently asked questions

  1. Who are Lafford Homes?
    Lafford Homes is a housing company who buy and build homes to let at market rent prices. The company is owned by North Kesteven District Council but is run as a limited company and as a separate landlord. North Kesteven District Council is the Shareholder of the company and Lafford Homes Board of Directors report to the Councillors on an annual basis. This is a profitable and sustainable landlord aiming to provide quality properties to the housing demands of the local people.
  2. What are Local Authority Housing Companies?
    With the need for social housing increasing and the funding for councils decreasing, local authorities are needing to explore more innovative projects to meet the demand. This has brought about Local Housing Companies (LHCs). An LHC is a private company which has been set up by a council to buy or build housing for the purpose of renting or selling. These companies are wholly owned by the council but an independent legal entity. They are run by a board of directors. The profits that are brought in by the LHC can be put back in the council.
  3. What is the purpose of Lafford Homes?
    The company is set up to return profits back to the North Kesteven District Council to help fund services. Primarily the council wants to see more housing and Lafford is delivering more private rented and affordable rented properties within the district and profits from this come back to the council.
  4. Who runs Lafford Homes?
    The company has three director positions, all of whom are appointed in the association with North Kesteven District Council. The existing directors are the Deputy Chief Executive of NKDC (Chairman), the assistant director of finance with NKDC (Company Secretary) and a non executive director. The Board takes collective responsibility for the operation and management of Lafford Homes. Decision making is conducted through monthly Board meetings. There is a Service Level Agreement with council services to cover the core operational management of the portfolio. This includes buying services from NKDC, such as repairs and financial responsibilities.
  5. What are Lafford Homes build standards?
    Lafford Homes have an aspiration to take a ‘Fabric First’ approach to the build standard which results in approximately a 50% improvement over building regulations. We have recently approved a scheme to be built to zero carbon and we are looking at the possibility of achieving this standard moving forward.
    We also aim to achieve NDSS (Nationally Described Space Standards) which offers generously sized properties.
    Lafford Homes strives to develop high quality properties whilst listening to our customers views.
  6. What are the ambitions of Lafford Homes?
    Lafford Homes was established in 2016 to work with and supporting developers in achieving their proposals. As Lafford Homes continues to add to its portfolio, future schemes continue to be considered. The new developments in Metheringham and Sleaford are now complete, Lafford Homes is now beginning groundwork on one and two bedroom flats in Sleaford. More developments are being considered alongside other opportunities to bring much needed funds back to the council.
  7. Which areas do Lafford Homes have properties to let?
    At the moment, Lafford Homes owns and develops properties within the North Kesteven area only. Consideration has been given to developing properties outside of the district but this would require additional resources to maintain.
  8. Do any of the homes that Lafford build go to the Social Housing stock?
    Under current legislation, 25% of all new housing stock (consisting of over 10 homes) should be in the form of affordable units. Lafford Homes has secured larger developments such as Orford Avenue in Waddington, Lincoln and therefore 25% of these properties have been let as affordable homes.
  9. What do the terms ‘Let’ and ‘To Let’ mean?
    Let – The property has a tenant living there and is not available.
    To Let – The property is either vacant or due to be vacant and you can apply for the property.
    Let Agreed – An applicant has accepted the property but hasn’t signed the tenancy agreement yet.

If you have any further questions, please contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01529 308313