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Lafford Homes is a fresh approach towards meeting local housing demands. It will unlock more housing choice by building and buying more homes for let at a market level rent.

In a recent tenant survey, 100% of our tenants would recommend Lafford Homes Ltd.

The company, wholly owned by North Kesteven District Council, operates through its own board of directors, using existing building firms to fulfil its projects, and will seek to raise the bar as an exemplar landlord, in terms of rental standards across the board.

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Featured Properties

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Mission Statement

Lafford Homes Ltd is a profitable, sustainable and flexible housing company that is focused on assisting North Kesteven District Council in achieving its objectives arising from Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2016 to 2036, and on helping to meet the housing demands of local people in North Kesteven by being an exemplar landlord. Continue reading “About”

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