Mission Statement

Lafford Homes Ltd is a profitable, sustainable and flexible housing company that is focused on assisting North Kesteven District Council in achieving its objectives arising from Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2016 to 2036, and on helping to meet the housing demands of local people in North Kesteven by being an exemplar landlord.


Lafford Homes Ltd will improve the quality and supply of housing in North Kesteven by being the major provider of quality properties for rent in the district.

Company Ethos

To provide a successful and ethical market housing company unlocking more choice through meeting housing needs.

Company Values

  • Contribute positively to the needs of our communities and our environment
  • Ensuring the company is successful and recognising that profit is essential for the success and longevity of the business
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence in the delivery of innovative and best value housing
  • Develop a reputation with our customers as an exemplar landlord.
  • Gain mutual trust and respect in the way we do business, upholding our ethical standards constantly

Company Policies

Assurance Statements

Annual Report 2022-2023